L.K.S. Audio MH-DA002 – Dual ESS SABRE ESS9018 DSD DAC

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Eladó első tulajdonostól a L.K.S. Audio MH-DA002 – Dual ESS SABRE ESS9018 DSD DAC Specifikáció lenti leírásban és linken. Eredeti ára az Aliexpressen 935 USD volt.
Szuper Amanero Combo384 USB csatlakozás mellett bőséges digitális bemenetekkel.
Teljesen szimmetrikus felépítés, dupla toroid trafó.

1. ES9018 parallel two-channel decoder, the total use of two ES9018, ES9018 work separately in the left mono and mono mono mode, the benefits of the machine than the single ES9018 can double the output current, the sound is more solid , The details are better, resistance to listen to a higher degree.
2. Multi-channel independent power supply, left and right channel power supply, the power supply of each part of their duties, effectively improve the function of different power block interference. The analog output part adopts specially designed fully separated parallel power supply (150mAX2 fully separated Class A parallel power supply circuit, constant current source + image amplification circuit + Walman circuit extension frequency), which contributes greatly to the sound, the overall tri-band sound balance, low frequency Dive depth, IF thickness, high-frequency delicate and texture than ordinary linear power supply has greatly improved.
3. Built-in Italian Amanero USB module to support the SACD playback, which is currently the network high-definition music playback is a very powerful weapon. USB module with a separate chip, you can cut off the computer after the insertion of USB to the overall SNR of decoding.
4. Support USB, I2S, coaxial, BNC, AES / EBU balance, fiber 1, fiber 2, a total of seven sources of input, the input is rarely seen so complete the decoder.
5. Analog audio output includes standard RCA single-ended output and XLR balanced output of each pair.
6. The display uses 3.12 'blue OLED display, with Mitsubishi high transmittance display baffle, close fit, showing outstanding results. (The picture shows a little color, the actual display is more beautiful, more eye-catching.)
7. The control button uses a variety of functions in a ALPS rotary encoder switch, Promise rotation. You can set various functions. 8. Support 128 digital volume adjustment, you can choose the sound attenuation from 0dB attenuation ----127dB. (Fear of attenuation affect the sound of friends, directly select the 0dB attenuation can skip this feature)
9. Support 5 kinds of digital filter mode setting. Fast, Slow, 50K, 60K, 70K. You can choose any of the different filter mode, the attenuation characteristics of digital filters are different, will affect a little sense of hearing, please choose your favorite mode to use.
10. Support to set the whole work in monaural mode, you can choose to work in the left channel or right channel, and can specify the output terminal for the L terminal or R terminal. Easy to burn Friends of the two machines with a channel of the Secretary. When the unit is in normal use, select Stero Stereo Output Mode.
11. Support decoding internal digital phase-locked loop bandwidth settings. It is recommended that the default is Auto Auto Select Mode.
12. Support Deemphasis to increase on or off. Select to increase the time to open, the decoder will be based on the input signal spdif flag to automatically identify whether the source has done a pre-emphasis processing, and automatically corresponding to the sampling rate de-emphasis.
13. Display mode settings, can be set to bright or dark display. Bright display that is where the characters are not bright, blank place light. The dark display is where the character is lit and the blank area is not lit. The two are just the opposite.
14. Display brightness 1 ~ 16 adjustable. You can adjust the appropriate use of the appropriate brightness level. The display will automatically decrease the display brightness after 10 seconds in the absence of key operation. Turn the knob to automatically reset the brightness.
15. Most of the settings have a memory function, the shutdown will automatically save the settings and the next start with the last shutdown to restore the state.
16. Dynamic range> 119dB
17. Distortion <0.0004%
18. Stereo resolution> 110dB
19. RCA unbalanced port output amplitude 2Vrms, XLR balanced port output amplitude 5Vrms.
20. Machine size 430 * 296 * 70mm (plus foot heel height of 12mm, the total height of 82mm)
21. The net weight of the machine is 7.8kg


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